CIOs may be prepared to tackle the technical challenges their jobs present, but the human resources aspect often leaves them with their hands in the air. Managing a group of techies in a nontechnical realm, dealing with the executive management team, and staying abreast of the latest technologies are just a few of their day-to-day worries—and that’s without mentioning any attempts to further their own careers.

CIO Republic’s HR expert, Peter Woolford, provides answers to questions like these:

  • How do you get your staff to “play nice”?
  • What certifications or degrees can enhance your career as a CIO?
  • How do you get approval and support from your executive staff?
  • What strategies will help you change the “I” in CIO to an “E” or an “O”?

The HR expert has offered answers through his recent monthly columns for members. Just in case you missed one, or are now grappling with those questions, we’ve gathered six of his columns focused on helping you with your HR-related woes.

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About the author
Woolford is an experienced manager and has spent over 10 years advising candidates on IT and engineering careers. He has helped hiring managers with recruiting and retention issues. He currently serves as a market manager for staffing firm Kforce Inc.

Woolford earned a B.S. in engineering and management systems from Princeton University. His technical experience includes a stint as an applications and methods engineer with an electronics-manufacturing firm.

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