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Easy data-posting to the Web
If your organization is using an intranet to share public data—and whose organization isn’t these days—your users will want an easy way to post this information. Excel 97 offers an easy, wizard-driven system to walk even the most apprehensive users through this process:

  1. Select the cell range that contains the data to be published.
  2. Select Save As HTML from the File menu.
  3. Answer the questions posed by the Internet Assistant Wizard.

The wizard walks users through four steps that define how information will be converted for Web display. Various options include:

  • Inserting the resulting HTML tables into an existing HTML page, or creating an entirely new page.
  • Specifying format options, such as rules between data.
  • Saving your new HTML page as a freestanding file or inserting it directly into a FrontPage Web.

Faster access to worksheets
When working with large workbooks in which all of the worksheet tabs are not visible, your users probably get frustrated with scrolling to find the sheet they need. Here’s a really quick tip to pass on. Right-click on any of the tab-scrolling buttons (to the left of the sheet tabs), and a shortcut menu will pop up. You can then select the tab you want.

Download our 50 essential Excel tips
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