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Download our Access test to see what your users know

If you need a ready-to-use skills assessment test, download this file now. This comprehensive test covers basic, intermediate, and advanced Access skills and includes the answers.

Time is precious, and wasting it—yours and, especially, someone else’s—is a cardinal sin. Training is no exception.

When you’re assigned to train a new user, you have to know what he or she knows before you can figure out what kind of training to provide. Getting this information is not always easy. You can just ask the person what he or she knows, but people have a tendency to inflate their abilities, or aren’t familiar enough with the work environment to know what knowledge is required to do the job.

If you have an assessment test, you’ve got a handy time-saver. We can’t help you with every skill your employees need, but we’ve got Access covered. Download our Access test to figure out what your users know and determine what kind of training they need to improve their skills.

Testing a range of abilities
Trainer Michele Dreyer designed this test with sections for beginning, intermediate, and advanced users. The results from this test will help you tailor your training even more specifically to your students’ needs. Here is a question from the beginning section:
  1. Normalizing a database will:
  2. Help to prevent redundant data
  3. Have no effect on the accuracy of the database
  4. Run queries automatically
  5. None of the above

The answer from the answer key is A.

This question is from the advanced section:
  1. Tables are:
  2. Always stored in the same database as their forms, reports and queries.
  3. Sometimes stored in a separate database
  4. Always available to the end user
  5. None of the above

The right answer is B.

You also can use this test as a starting point for your own customized assessment. If there are specific Access skills that your employees need, design your own questions and add them to this list. Or use this test as the content for a CBT module that you already have in place.

In any case, download our Access test to get a jump on skills assessments.
Are technical skill tests part of the HR routine for new employees? Or do you take care of that work later in the process? Do you have your own basic computer skills test? Tell us how you measure what new workers know.

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