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Download our behavioral interview questions for trainers

Training Managers, are you in the process of hiring a new IT trainer or developer? If so, we have a collection of behavioral interview questions at your disposal.

Are you planning to hire a new trainer anytime soon? If so, we have put together a list of behavioral interview questions for you to use during your next interview session.

The Behavioral Interview Questions for Trainers is broken into 16 categories, both behavioral and general. Please feel free to choose the questions you feel are most appropriate for the training position you seek to fill. You can also use this list as a basis for adding your own individualized questions.

We highly recommend the following two TechRepublic downloads for use in conjunction with the Behavioral Interview Questions for Trainers download:
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  • Computer Skill Evaluation

Click here to download your copy of the Behavioral Interview Questions for Trainers now!
If you have a training aid that you’d like to share with your fellow IT Trainers, please send us a note .

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