Each year, the number of available tech certifications grows, a fact well illustrated in the latest certification listing from TechRepublic. This updated list of certifications features over 60 programs, nearly three dozen more than our earlier version of the listing.

CIOs often have little time in their schedule to track which certifications will be critical for those long-term initiatives, so downloading this useful certification list resource can quickly provide all the information you’ll need in one convenient package.

The list will also prove valuable to your IT staff, as recent polls indicate that IT staff members are eager to achieve certifications this year.

The quest for certifications continues.

A big reason for certification interest is that IT professionals consider them a viable training venue. According to a recent TechRepublic article, 41 percent of tech professionals indicated that they considered certification training to be the most valuable training option, choosing it over mentoring programs, college degree programs, and vendor training.

As recent reports indicate, certificate costs are rising each year, as well—making those certification decisions and budget allotments all the more critical. As another TechRepublic article points out, the cost of all Microsoft certifications has increased by $25 this year alone. And although the writer, Erik Eckel, points out that the increase won’t likely deter many IT pros from deciding to attain MS certifications, cost increases are still a worthy consideration when making decisions on which certification programs to support and offer to tech staff.

“Many IT professionals and organizations have set strict budgets for certification for the upcoming year. While certification exam fees are increasing, the price hikes shouldn’t prohibit anyone from achieving certification goals. However, the increases are enough to cause some headaches in larger organizations,” Eckel said.

Download this TechRepublic certification list to make sure your staff is getting the required training and that you’re spending your certification and training dollars wisely.