Professional services automation (PSA) is all about helping you facilitate the processes of managing staff, tracking time and expenses, boosting profitability, and handling expansion and resources.

To help you determine which PSA software meets your needs, TechRepublic has prepared a checklist of questions you can ask the vendors you’re evaluating. According to Alan Tyson, president of DATABASICS, a vendor of time and expense PSA software, there is a circular way of looking at your PSA needs. The model comprises these elements:

  1. Getting paid for what you do. This includes time, expense, and billing/project accounting software.
  2. Being profitable. How you use your resources—materials and personnel—is critical here.
  3. Taking advantage of new opportunities. Expansion of your business, which includes sales force automation.
  4. Sustaining your business growth. This includes knowledge and practice management.

According to Tyson, “No suite vendor at this point does a great job fulfilling all these needs. Also, very few organizations can implement all of this at once. You need to pick a starting point and focus on that.”

TechRepublic’s checklist for evaluating PSA software vendors will help you decide where you fall on this circle of needs and determine what questions you need to ask potential vendors. You can download the checklist here.