Whether your business is dipping its toe into the e-business waters or diving in headfirst, there are things you, as a CIO, and your business must do to make your e-business effort successful.

Gartner Group, Inc. has taken a hard look at e-businesses and come up with 10 attributes that separate the successes from the failures. These 10 points were presented by Gartner Vice President and Research Director Al Lill at a Mastermind Keynote presentation during Gartner’s U.S. Spring Symposium/ITxpo 2000 , held April 10-14 in San Diego, CA.

We’ve used this top 10 list to create a checklist to help you understand how well your company is doing as an e-business. Download our checklist now to see how close your business comes to meeting Gartner’s guidelines for e-business success.
Are there other strategies that you’ve put in place that have helped you succeed in e-business? Have there been steps you’ve taken that haven’t worked? Share them with TechRepublic. Post a comment below or e-mail your strategies to us.