Windows 2000. It’s on store shelves, and the first service pack has already been announced. Your firm is probably setting up a few Win2K test machines, as a result. Maybe you’re even deploying it on your live network.

As with any new operating system, you may experience trouble with hardware and driver compatibility. You might have questions about minimum system requirements.

Windows 2000 also includes many new tools and utilities that will change the manner in which systems are deployed and networks are administered. Thus, don’t be surprised if you have questions about the best methods for designing your namespace and Active Directory structure, too.

TechRepublic drafted a white paper describing many of the new operating system’s new features and benefits, as well as addressing a number of issues you need to be familiar with. But we know one document can’t answer all the questions you have. (You’d need a wheelbarrow to cart it around!)

So we’ve built a collection of the top 20 essential Windows 2000 links that no administrator, support technician, or systems engineer should be without. Best of all, it’s free.

Follow this link to download our “Essential Windows 2000 links for IT pros.”
If we missed an essential site, let us know. We’ll check out all the sites you recommend and update the document with the valuable Web resources you provide. Send your suggestions here .