Whether you support 10 or 10,000 users, creating and following a set of best practices will help your support organization deliver the quality service your end users deserve and demand.

To help you develop such a set of best practices for your IT support organization, I have compiled 13 of Support Republic’s best articles into a single download. These articles are separated into four categories: management, security, end user/IT support communication, and hardware and software issues. Within each category, you’ll find articles that cover topics every support organization should consider, such as metrics, best practices for PDA support, end communication issues, and best practices for laptop support. Here’s a sample of the articles that make up this 30-plus-page document.

“Prioritize your support calls with a call level chart”—Both large and small IT shops can benefit from using a call level plan to improve staff productivity and user satisfaction. To help you create such a plan, we’ve developed a sample call level chart that you can download and customize.

“Emphasize security issues through help desk best practices”—When interacting with end users, support techs should always enforce proper security best practices. Follow these tips to develop a culture of security in your company.

End user/IT support communication
“Ten ways to improve user utilization of your help desk”—Is your help desk doing everything possible to reach its clients? Could you do more to improve client communication and your overall image? Here are ten steps to make your help desk more customer friendly.

Hardware and software issues
“Remember best practices for opening a machine”—If you’ve been rooting around in computer cases for a while, you’ve probably established your own methods for getting the job done. You may be risking more than you think if you’ve strayed from basic, time-honored principles.

Download our IT support best practices compilation
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