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Download our conflict of interest disclosure form

A conflict of interest, as defined by your firm or company, must be presented openly. This sample form, which includes language describing conflicts of interest, can help you or your associates keep everything aboveboard.

As with any relationship, disclosure is a basic building block of trust. In relationships between consultants, their firms, and their clients, revealing a potential conflict of interest can help set the stage for an engagement that begins and ends with everything aboveboard.

To help you and everyone you do business with maintain that spirit of trust, we’ve put together a conflict of interest disclosure form. Use this document to help bring details about potential conflicts of interest concerning employment, financial concerns, and public appearances to the surface.

You can also use this form in conjunction with our ethical conduct policy to ensure that the relationships between your vendors and suppliers avoid conflicts of interest.

If you have a conflict of interest disclosure form that you think would be of benefit to your fellow TechRepublic members, share it with us. If we publish it on the site, we’ll send you $50.

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