A few weeks ago, we published an article titled “Reap the benefits of a professional training association ” in the TrainingRepublic. Some of the associations listed in the article were recommended by our readers, while others we found from a search on the Web. The links were provided as a means for assisting you, as a trainer, with your professional development efforts.

Several of you responded to this article and requested to have these links provided in a download format. In response to your requests, I’ve compiled not only the list of professional association links, but I’ve also included a collection of career development links that range from searching for an IT training job to great Web sites with up-to-date training and technical information. The final product is a collection of training career resources on the Web that you can download.

Use this Word doc to link to the Web sites directly from your computer screen, or print it out and pass it around to your fellow trainers and peers. Download your copy of the Essential links for your IT training career development .
If you have some additional Web sites you’d like to offer to your fellow trainers, please post your comments below or send us a note .