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Looking for advice on going into business for yourself? Not sure whether to call yourself a contractor or a consultant, or how to protect yourself in your contracts? Read this compilation of articles by Meredith Little for all the answers.

What is it that makes IT pros want to go into business for themselves?

If you sampled a cross section, you’d probably get a wide variety of answers. Some would cite the lure of more money, others would point to the flexibility and freedom, and a few might even say they like the long hours.

Whatever their reasons, today’s IT consultants and independent contractors have a lot of issues facing them. They need a hand with figuring out their niche, dealing with clients, and understanding the ins and outs of contracts.

To give them some guidance, we’ve created a compilation of articles by independent contractor Meredith Little, who regularly contributes to TechRepublic, in addition to working as a self-employed documentation specialist. In these articles, she addresses some big issues for people like herself:
  • Do you have the right personality to be an independent contractor?
  • Should you call yourself a consultant or an independent contractor?
  • How can you be sure that you’re protecting your own interests in your contracts?

Whether you’re just starting out on your own or working as an independent is old hat to you, there’s something for every contractor or consultant in this compilation. Download it now.
Tell us what you think of Meredith Little’s tips for contractors and consultants. Will they help you? Are there other topics you’d like to see her tackle? Give us your thoughts by posting a comment below or sending us a note.

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