Windows 2000 Professional offers users and administrators a greatly improved networking configuration interface when compared to Windows NT and even Windows 98. The menus and option locations are more intuitive, the wizards are easier to walk through, and you no longer have to reboot after changing your network settings. The networking component of Windows 2000 Professional should be a welcome change for those familiar with previous Windows operating systems. But before you jump right in and begin clicking check boxes, take a few minutes to download our basic introduction to Windows 2000 Professional networking. This document will get you started by providing examples of both LAN and dial-up connections.

Here are a few examples of what this download contains.

Dial-up networking advanced settings
The following three figures show the advanced settings available to us for a dial-up connection. The general tab, shown in Figure A, allows us to specify a modem (if there is more than one available) and change the phone number and dialing rules. You can also choose to display an icon on the taskbar to show activity and connection status.

Figure A

The Options tab, shown in Figure B, allows us to display the progress of the connection or simply turn it off while connecting. You can also require prompting for user ID, password, phone number, and the number of redial attempts the computer should make, as well as specifying a domain to log in to if dialing in to an NT/2000 domain.

Figure B

The Networking section, shown in Figure C, allows you to specify what protocols you wish to use to connect to the network. By default, the protocols installed on your machine are used, but additional protocols and clients (Netware, for example) can be added.

Figure C

Download our networking intro now
You can download our introduction to Windows 2000 Professional networking, zipped with WinZip for Windows, by following this link to the WinZip file. You can also click the Downloads link in the navigation bar on the top of this page. TechRepublic has many useful documents, templates, and applications available to download, so be sure to check out our other offerings.

Our introduction to Windows 2000 Professional networking is available both as a Microsoft Word document and an Adobe PDF file. To increase download speed, we have zipped these two files together into one file named If you’re working on a Windows machine, you will need an unzip utility such as WinZip or PKZIP to expand the zipped file. To view each document, you will also need either Microsoft Word, Adobe’s Acrobat Reader, or another application capable of reading rich text files. You can download the Adobe Acrobat Reader here.
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