Download our IT World View on the United Kingdom

Our IT World View download on the United Kingdom takes a detailed look at the country's IT capabilities and explores U.K.'s foreign IT investment potential.

Once the world’s greatest military power with an empire that encompassed one-fourth of the world’s land mass, the United Kingdom is again emerging as powerhouse—this time in the field of IT. In recent years, the government has taken steps to stimulate business, cutting the corporate tax in an attempt to bring the country in line with other international tax codes.

Following the pattern of downloads on countries such as Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and Brazil, TechRepublic has taken a detailed look at the U.K., its IT capabilities, and its potential for growth.

TechRepublic’s download on the U.K. profiles:
  • The U.K.’s technological and economic growth
  • Foreign investment and efforts to rev up venture capital firms
  • Support for high-tech efforts and U.S. technology businesses
  • The British workforce and its level of IT sophistication
  • The country’s telecom infrastructure

Download this IT World View now and catch up on the global IT market.
How have you benefited from government and private efforts to encourage the growth of IT in the U.K.? Have those efforts been successful? Post a comment below or send us an e-mail.

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