Download our list of links to consulting resources

Why spend hours searching the Web for the best consultant-related resources when you can find them right here? These links, sent to us from TechRepublic members, can help you with every aspect of your consulting business.

If you’re searching for the most useful information for IT consultants, you could try any search engine. But entering the keywords “consultants + IT + resources” on Yahoo turns up thousands of Web pages. Who has time to go through so much content?

Fortunately, your fellow members of IT Consultant Republic have done the work for you. We recently asked members to send us their most valuable links outlining everything from business fundamentals to information on the newest technologies.

We’ve compiled the best links as a download for TechRepublic members. Use these links to:
  • Learn more about contracts and contract language.
  • Find potential clients.
  • Determine which skills are in demand.
  • Figure how much you should charge your clients.
  • Subscribe to e-mail newsletters from consultant-based organizations.
  • Get information on legal issues.

While our list certainly doesn’t encompass every source of information for consultants, we think it features some of the best. Download it now.

Send us your links
Are there sites and resources that you use but didn’t see here? Send them to us. If we think they’re applicable, we’ll include them in the next version of this download.


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