Have you ever wished you had done some homework on your new employees’ skills before you train them? We’ve got your pre-class cheat sheet. Downloadour New User Evaluation and gather information on new employees’ technical skill levels before they arrive for training.

My company has its share of new employees, each bringing a different level of computer knowledge and skills to the table. I like to stay a step ahead of the new arrivals by gathering information on their computer skills information up-front.

Know what you’re dealing with
I developed a form that asks specific questions about a person’s technical skill level. Our human resources department has prospective employees fill out the form as they complete employment applications. This time-saving action has no bearing on job offers.

The survey asks such questions as “Do you have any experience in the following areas?” followed by a list of some of the applications we use. I also ask the person to rate him- or herself on a scale from 1 to 4 on computer knowledge. Knowing that I might get some skewed data, the form also asks more specific, task-related questions. For instance, we use the Microsoft Office suite for word processing, so one question is, “How do you set the margins on a document?” Just for my sense of security, the survey even asks basic questions such as “How do you properly shut down a Windows 95/98 machine?” Here’s a peek at the form.

New User Evaluation

Putting your information to use
Knowing what skills and knowledge issues I’ll deal with when new employees come in makes a big impact on my training plans. Orientation training now is more tailored to the particular audience. For example, we hired a new employee last month from a competitor. This employee had plenty of experience using marketing software that is extremely close to ours. I found that this person could easily adapt to our software by learning just a couple of basic things. The transition was very smooth, and the employee was productive right from the start.
Help alleviate some of the stress on your team by knowing how to plan for your next new hire class before it begins. Feel free to change the attributes of this form to fit your organization’s needs. You can download our New User Evaluation here .