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Download our policy on acceptable downloads and executables

Regardless of how robust your security architecture is, the greatest tool you have in keeping your network secure is an informed workforce. This sample policy offers suggestions on what kinds of downloads and executables are safe.

CIOs have plenty of reasons to set limits on what their employees can download onto the company network or their local machines. For every application that enhances an employee’s productivity or is necessary for day-to-day tasks, there are dozens that offer little or no benefit. In other instances, downloadable applications can disrupt your users’ machines or cause problems on the network.

To help give your employees an understanding of what's okay to download, we've written a sample download policy that includes examples of applications and executables that would be found in a typical organization. If, for example, your workers want to know whether it’s okay to install a copy of the latest version of Adobe’s PDF reader software on a local machine, they can check to see whether the download is on the list of approved applications.

Of course, what is allowed in one company is often prohibited in another. Tell us if you think this sample policy presents a realistic picture of the types of applications that you would find in your organization. If you have one that you use in your office, share it with us.

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