Download our policy on ethical conduct between IT employees and vendors

Don't wonder if your IT employees who have contact with vendors and suppliers are grateful for good service or guilt-ridden for accepting gifts. This sample policy offers a framework for proper business conduct.

When you need to purchase a product or service from a vendor, you’re wise to consult with the employees who have the most experience with that product. For example, it only makes sense to talk it over with your network administrator if you’re planning to switch from one operating system to another. If that person has experience with a particular platform, he or she could prove a valuable resource in making your selection.

But you also want your employees to be able to make an objective decision. If your network admin has been courted by a vendor who has provided tickets to a golf tournament or treated two other members of your staff to a steak dinner, your employee’s objectivity could be a little clouded by the vendor’s overtures.

Vendors have to make a living, but when it comes to your IT needs, your organization’s ability to objectively assess a vendor’s products and services has to be sound. To help your employees better understand how to maintain an ethical relationship with vendors and suppliers, we’ve put together a set of ethical conduct guidelines. Included in the guidelines is language covering:
  • The use of nondisclosure agreements with vendors
  • Gifts and gratuities
  • Meals and travel
  • Conflicts of interest
  • Endorsements
  • Evaluations and demonstrations
  • Purchases

If you have a policy in place that you would like to share with other TechRepublic members, or you have suggestions on improving this download, send them our way.

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