While project management is far too old to be touted as the “next big thing” for IT initiatives, many consultants, IT managers, and others charged with seeing that a project is executed take a neophyte’s approach to using project management practices. Even those who have some project management experience may be unsure which processes should be used for their next mission-critical project.

To help TechRepublic members adopt the best approach when shepherding an IT project, we’ve put together a download from TechRepublic columnist and project management guru Tom Mochal. As a former director of internal development for Geac, Inc, and as in-house project management expert for The Coca-Cola Company, Mochal has had years of experience guiding projects of all sizes—and their personnel—to successful conclusions. His download, “Top 10 project management skills,” encapsulates the top concepts of project management and illustrates how you can apply them to your next project, no matter the size.

Mochal’s download gives you advice on how to:

  1. Define the project.
  2. Plan the work.
  3. Manage the workplan.
  4. Manage issues.
  5. Manage scope.
  6. Manage risks.
  7. Manage communication.
  8. Manage documentation.
  9. Manage quality.
  10. Manage metrics.

If you have any project management-related questions for Tom Mochal, send them to us. We’ll forward them to him for use in his weekly columns on TechRepublic.