Download our project management worksheet for NT to 2003 migrations

With the introduction of Windows Server 2003 earlier this year, many NT shops will soon be migrating to the new platform. We've modified this project management template to highlight tasks that are specific to migrations.

Microsoft has made it clear that it believes organizations running Windows NT should strongly consider migrating to Windows Server 2003. With online support scheduled to end for NT on Jan. 1, 2005, it's likely that many businesses that plan to stay with Microsoft will follow the company's advice.

When we began searching for tools to help you and your clients make the leap from NT to 2003, we found several resources on TechRepublic that—after a little modification—could help you with a migration. One of those tools was taken from a project-planning Excel worksheet that TechRepublic member Ken Brown shared with us in 2002. We've kept many of the features that made the worksheet so popular and turned it into a project management worksheet to help you with your migration from NT to 2003.

For example, the worksheet includes columns for start and finish dates for each task, which adjust for the number of hours you estimate for each task related to the migration. The worksheet will also adjust the project's end date based on the number of hours you estimate for the total project.

An accompanying Gantt chart shows the days when a particular task is to be completed. It will adjust itself based on the dates given on the worksheet.

As part of our modification, we've retooled it to contain tasks that are specific to NT to 2003 migrations. Included in the worksheet are sections on:
  • Active Directory
  • Group Policy
  • Operation system and application deployment
  • File systems and services
  • File replication
  • NTFS upgrade
  • IIS
  • Terminal Server
  • Performance improvements and hardware
  • PKI

Something similar?
One of the reasons Brown sent us the original worksheet was to give team members an alternative to Microsoft Project. If you have an Excel worksheet that you've set up to assist you with your project management duties, send it to us. If we use it on the site, we'll send you $50.

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