It’s one of the most surprising facts about staff retention—increasing salaries will not dramatically reduce staff turnover in your IT department.

When you read that statement, your first reaction is likely disbelief. But Linda Pittenger, one of the leading experts on IT staffing, said you should believe it because studies indicate that the work environment is more important than salary.

Pittenger is president of people3,a Gartner affiliate that specializes in human resources dedicated to IT staffing.

“Here’s an interesting thing on pay. At people3, we have an annual IT compensation study. With the 2000 study, one of the ‘ahas’ of the study was the fact that companies that pay the highest salaries have the highest turnover,” wrote Pittenger in a recent TechRepublic article.

Though competitive pay is important, Pittenger tells clients that it’s even more effective to create a workplace where people enjoy working and feel as if their career is advancing.

Download TechRepublic’s “Retention checklist for IT managers” for ideas on how you can reduce staff turnover. The checklist categorizes more than two-dozen retention ideas in the following areas:

  • Compensation and benefits
  • Human resources
  • Perks
  • Management style
  • Corporate culture

The download also provides links to other resources that you can use to learn more about how retention methods are being used by other IT managers.

Which retention methods have surprised you?

Some TechRepublic members have told us that a casual dress code is the primary reason why they enjoy where they work. Who knew that wearing blue jeans was that important? Share your retention tips by posting a comment to this article or by sending us an e-mail.