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Every CIO wants employees whose skills are current. By establishing a policy that reimburses employees for tuition and training costs, you can encourage their continued growth and broaden the abilities of your workers.

It wasn't too many years ago that employers were offering seemingly everything to enhance their employees' work experience and keep them from hopping from job to job. Companies brought in massage therapists to help employees decompress, offered free breakfasts, allowed workers to bring pets into the office, or even sponsored company rock bands.

Now, of course, employers have had to focus more on benefits that either employees can't live without, such as healthcare, or that offer a direct advantage to the business. Along those lines, reimbursement for tuition and training has been one of the benefits that employers have tried to maintain. The thought is that a worker with broader or more up-to-date skills will be more valuable for the business.

To help you offer the best possible options for your workers, we've put together a revised tuition and training reimbursement policy for your organization. If you're an employee, see how our sample compares to what your company has on the books. If you're an employer who wants to offer this incentive to your workers, download our sample to see how your policy compares.

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