In any business, it’s important to give your customers a voice. Consulting firms, like other organizations, often use feedback from clients to improve services and earn loyal customers.

By asking what your clients think about your firm, you can gather valuable information about the customer experience while also showing your clients that you care about their opinion.

If you have yet to implement a client feedback mechanism, download our sample consultant evaluation form. The information you garner from the form may improve your firm’s revenue, customer satisfaction and retention, and productivity.

Change the form to suit your needs
Surveys are an inexpensive way to gather information, but for the results to be valuable, your questions must be written to elicit honest, thoughtful answers. TechRepublic created the sample form with a wide range of consultancies in mind. To get the most out of the evaluation, we suggest that you add or restate questions to provide the most valuable information for your organization.’s Weekly Tip to Help Your Small Business (#38) offers these six tips to help you create the best evaluation form:

  1. Start with a clear objective. Decide ahead of time what you want to find out about and gear your whole survey to that end.
  2. Make questions easy to answer. Use “Yes/No,” “Strongly Agree, Moderately Agree, Disagree, Strongly Disagree,” or “1-5” questions.
  3. Leave space for in-depth answers or comments. Consider asking a guiding question for comments.
  4. Give a reason to respond. Include a coupon for something free or a discount if the survey is returned promptly.
  5. Send the survey to your best customers first. If they don’t respond, you might need to change your survey.
  6. Keep the survey brief. Ten questions tops.

How do you use evaluations at your firm?

Do you send out consultant evaluation forms or customer satisfaction surveys? How has this practice affected your business? Send us an e-mail or post your comments in a discussion below.