If you’re an independent consultant, a solid contract should be part of the business foundation that supports you and your clients. Whether it’s used to settle disputes over the scope of your project or to hammer out a timetable for project completion—or payment—a contract can give you both leverage and legal backing.

To help consultants and their clients maintain the best possible relationship, we are offering the opportunity to download this contract template as a guide.

This five-page agreement comes from TechRepublic member Randy Barger, who runs his own IT consulting business, ConsultIT. Barger sent the template to TechRepublic after we asked members to share examples of contracts they’ve used.

This contract template includes sections covering:

  • Inventions or innovations created while the consultant is working for the client
  • Nondisclosure
  • Conflicts of interest
  • Maintaining the consultant’s status as an independent contractor
  • Right to injunction

Need more information?

If you’re an independent consultant looking for more guidance, read our three-part series on contracts.