A letter of intent is one way that consultants can outline the services that they are expected to provide a client. Often, consultants will use a letter of intent as a sales pitch to help solidify their contract with a potential client.

Recently, we asked TechRepublic’s IT Consultant community to send us sample letters of intent so that other members could use them in their dealings with clients. Of the samples we received, we thought a letter used by MAKO Computer Consulting, Inc. would work well for our members.

While a letter of intent isn’t usually a legally binding document, it can help to bring consultants and potential clients closer to an agreement.

The template we’re providing can be used in conjunction with the contract you establish with your client. Our sample includes sections that cover:

  • A summary of the project.
  • The length of time the project is expected to demand.
  • When the service will begin (with an estimated completion date).
  • Terms of payment.
  • Contact information.

If you use something similar or have a suggestion for how we can improve this sample, send it to us. We’ll update our template with your samples and information in later downloads.

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