Whether you’re the IT guru for a newly hatched start-up or an established CIO for a Fortune 500 company, you’ve probably struggled with the issue of deciding what kinds of limitations you should place on in-house e-mail and Internet use.

Last month, TechRepublic asked its readers to send us samples of their acceptable-use policies that covered e-mail and Internet use. Of the many we received, we chose to feature two that were sent to TechRepublic by Jim Slater, CIO of Grand Rapids, MI-based Gerontology Network .

Slater’s company uses the policies to spell out the appropriate uses for e-mail and the Internet, as well as cell phones, telecommunications, and network and PC use. Download these two policies to see if you’re taking all the right precautions.
In the coming months, we’ll be adding to this download some of the other policies we received from members. Besides acceptable-use policies, what are some other guidelines that you think would be valuable for TechRepublic members?Post a comment below or send us an e-mail.