Download our self-assessment test for trainers

As a trainer, you spend a lot of time evaluating your peers and students. When was the last time you rated yourself? Download this self-assessment test and pinpoint your strengths and weaknesses.

You spend a lot of time assessing your peers and students, but do you ever stop and take the time to assess yourself? In a new download, we feature a self-assessment test for trainers that will help you evaluate both your professional and personal development.
Download your copy of the self-assessment test for trainers .
For the most part, we all have areas that need improvement. Simply take our test and check the response that applies to you. Our self-assessment tool will help you evaluate how you interact with others and just how well you present yourself to your students and colleagues. You might even want to consider using this information during your next performance review to show you’ve been working on your career and personal development. It just might make a difference.
If you’ve taken charge of your personal and professional development, we’d like to know what type of training you’ve had and how your efforts have helped your career. Please post your comments at the bottom of this page.

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