You must address numerous issues and take several steps before you decide on implementing a new technology. One step is establishing a new technology purchase guideline policy.

To help you get started on this vital documentation, TechRepublic offers a downloadable policy template that lists vital dos and don’ts. For example, all software purchases, regardless of source, must first be turned over to IT for proper scanning via an antivirus solution. It may sound like common sense, but establishing a policy can help avert security issues.

The second step when bringing in a new technology is determining whether it will properly integrate with current systems and software. To make this as easy as possible, use our downloadable checklist, which covers all the relevant questions you’ll be asking.

As Mitch Bryant explains in his article detailing best practices with new technologies, tech advances not only affect the way a company does business but can shape the way it will do business in the future. That’s why it’s critical to have a policy in place and ensure a good integration process.

“The IT department needs to weigh all purchases to ensure the proper usage of any new technology falls within pre-established guidelines and or polices,” notes Bryant, who created the new technology policy and checklist templates available to TechRepublic members.

Use the policy template and the checklist to start off on a good footing when bringing in that next application and system.