Each Friday, we test your troubleshooting mettle by presenting a tough question from the so-called “real world.” Then we sort through the answers you submit and publish the best ones on the site.

If you submit the topic we use for the pop quiz, we send you a TechRepublic T-shirt. If you submit the correct solution, we put your name in a drawing for a T-shirt. And since July of 1999, when we started publishing our weekly pop quiz feature, we’ve given away a LOT of T-shirts! Just to spice things up a little bit, we recently began awarding a $25 gift certificate to Fatbrain.com as the “grand prize.”

The best of 1999
Based on the tremendous response by TechRepublic members to the pop quizzes, we decided to put together a short collection of the most popular quiz solutions from 1999. When you unzip this download, you’ll get a Word document that’s just under 3 MB in size. Some of the topics covered include:

  • How to format partitions larger than 4 GB under Windows NT
  • How to verify an NT login
  • How to rotate column labels in an Access 97 report
  • How to automatically file sent messages in Outlook
  • How to sync time on network servers

We think you’ll enjoy reading what your fellow TechRepublic members had to say on these and other topics of interest to support professionals. Follow this link to download the top 10 pop quiz solutions from 1999.

If you’d like to suggest a topic for an upcoming pop quiz, please send us a note. If we use your topic, we’ll send you a cool TechRepublic T-shirt.