How do you keep track of your training class attendance? Are you tired of passing around the plain-Jane white sheet of paper? Well, it’s high time to get organized, and our sign-in sheet download is the perfect fix.

Attendance tracking
Training class attendance should be taken on a daily and/or per class basis. This download has several different sign-in sheet templates designed to accommodate any type of training class setup. Any of these versions will be a substantial improvement over plain white paper. This download is fast and easy, and it’s yours to use as you wish, which means you can leave it as is or change it to better suit your needs.

Three different formats
Here are examples of the three sign-in sheet formats included in this download:

Generalized sign-in sheet
If you’re looking for a good, general-use sign-in sheet, this is it. You can record the class name and date, and you can add as many instructor names as you deem necessary. There are lines for students’ printed names, signatures, and their company names or departments, whichever is applicable.

Here’s how it looks:

Example A: Generalized sign-in sheet

Hourly sign-in sheet
I’ve had to train temporary employees before, with emphasis on the word “temporary.” They come and go and don’t always let you know that they’re not coming back after lunch. If you have a training program that requires employees to complete the course, all eight or so hours of it, and the employer doesn’t want to pay employees for any time they aren’t actually participating in the training program, then you need to have a well-designed sign-in sheet. For hourly paid training programs, this format requires students to sign in or out in the morning, when they leave for lunch, when they return from lunch, and when they leave for the day. This is especially handy if you have to prove to the employer how much time was actually spent in the classroom for time card comparison at the end of the training period.

Example B: Hourly sign-in sheet

All-purpose multi-day sign-in sheet
This sign-in sheet is designed for a standard three- to five-day training class. It’s great if you feel it’s unnecessary to have the students sign their names every day, but you still need to record their attendance. It also provides a column for students to indicate their company or department name. The student signs in the first day, and every day thereafter they simply sign their initials in the date column. You will, of course, want to double-check it yourself after everyone has signed in to ensure that you don’t have any imposters.

If you’re still using blank paper to track class attendance, just follow this link to download our training class sign-in sheets .

Example C: All-purpose multi-day sign-in sheet

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