Certification is more important than ever. As systems engineers and network professionals, your abilities will often be judged (rightly or wrongly) by the number of certifications you possess.
As many IT professionals have discovered, the one constant is change. Earlier this year, TechRepublic put together a Cisco certification download. Now, to keep up with the latest information, we’ve revised it with new links and exam prep information. What has changed? For starters, we replaced a number of links to self-study Web sites that have become obsolete. The updated download contains all new links offering the latest exam prep information. We’ve also updated several exam names and terms to reflect Cisco’s current nomenclature. Download our free certification guide and get ready to pass that next big exam.
Cisco certification has proven to be popular among many IT professionals. Known for its comprehensive coverage and grueling difficulty, Cisco’s program is quickly picking up speed.

Changes made to Microsoft’s NT certification program have some MCSEs grumbling that they’re no longer going to chase Redmond’s carrot. Many have indicated they’ll pursue Cisco certification instead, giving the program added fuel.

Cisco, of course, provides two paths for certification:

  • Routing and Switching Network Support
  • Routing and Switching Network Design

Within these paths, Cisco allows you to be certified at up to three levels of technical proficiency: Associate, Professional, and Expert.

TechRepublic has just updated its popular collection of articles detailing Cisco’s program and each certification. In addition to providing descriptions of the material covered by each exam, these articles recommend study resources and offer prep tips. You can download the updated Cisco certification compilation for free by clicking here .
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