A recent FBI report found that 70 percent of all companies in the U.S. have been hit with either a virus or a denial of service attack.

You may have created a comprehensive response plan to recover after a virus has infected your corporate system—but have you done everything in your power to prevent a virus before it wreaks havoc in the first place?

TechRepublic readers sent us their tried-and-true methods of virus prevention. We compiled their suggestions—and added a few of our own—to create this valuable security resource.

Download our “Virus Prevention Checklist” to review your options when developing a virus prevention policy.
Just about every IT pro has a virus story to tell. The CIH virus is often cited as the virus that has caused the most headaches. What bug has caused problems for you most recently? What was the fallout? Post a message below or drop us a note. We may use your comments for an upcoming article.