For the average IT consultant, it’s probably a good idea to possess some Microsoft or Cisco certs, several years of hands-on work as an engineer or programmer, and maybe even an MBA or some other advanced degree.

But there’s no way to boil down all the certifications, education, and experience of an IT consultant into one ideal skill set. With so many specialties within the industry, it would be impossible.

There are, however, character traits that ensure a successful skill set in today’s crowded field of IT consultants: advisory, technical, business, and communication.

These are the faculties suggested by Rick Freedman, author of The IT Consultant: A Commonsense Framework for Managing the Client Relationship (Jossey Bass, 2000). He draws concepts from his book to delve into “The IT Consulting Skill Set,” offered by TechRepublic as a short white paper. Download it now.
What are the essential skills an IT consultant should possess? How should technical acumen and the ability to give good advice be used together? To share your thoughts, post a comment below or send us a note.