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Author and consultant Rick Freedman pulls concepts from his latest book to address the complexities of providing your advice and service to clients.

For many IT consultants, mastering the technical aspects of their field and following through on projects isn’t a dilemma. Acquiring the client-relationship skills needed to be a successful consultant, however, is difficult for many.

We’ve put together a “mini-white paper” that addresses the complexities of providing your advice and service to clients.

Pulling concepts from his latest book, The IT Consultant: A Commonsense Framework for Managing the Client Relationship (Jossey-Bass, 2000), IT consultant and TechRepublic contributor Rick Freedman explains the five fundamentals of IT consulting.

According to Freedman, the level of trust in the relationship between client and consultant will determine the success of the project, more so than the technical discipline involved. Moreover, clearly setting the expectation with the client on what should be accomplished, and helping clients to envision the desired result, will ensure a positive relationship.

Most importantly, Freedman says, consultants should act in an advisory role, allow clients to make decisions, and help them reach their goals.

Download The Five Fundamentals of IT Consulting now.
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