Many network and system administrators who work with Windows 2000 would like to put something on their resume that shows their Win2K proficiency, but they don’t want to enter the certification marathon for Microsoft‘s MCSE certification (or even its new MCSA). For these admins, gaining the Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) designation by passing the Windows 2000 Server exam is usually their best bet. This phenomenon, combined with the fact that all MCSE candidates and most MCSA candidates will also take this test, makes the exam one of Microsoft’s most popular offerings.

If you’re prepping for this exam, there’s good news. TechRepublic columnist Erik Eckel recently wrote a series of four articles that thoroughly outlines the topics IT pros need to study to pass the Win2K Server exam. We have combined these four articles (along with another article Erik wrote on selecting a Win2K Server study guide) into a single download. If you are going to take the Windows 2000 Server exam, you don’t want to miss this valuable resource.

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