TechRepublic contributor Peter Hennigan has provided five recent articles offering advice on everything from leasing to IT investments. We’ve gathered those articles into one convenient download and included valuable resources, such as spreadsheets and checklists, to help you put Hennigan’s advice to use immediately.

Download the compilation, and you’ll have the following articles at your fingertips:

  • “Portfolio management keeps IT aligned with business strategy”
    Hennigan explains how to apply the principles of financial portfolio management to IT investments.
  • “Weigh the benefits of leasing decisions to the enterprise and its units”
    Understand all the risks that you should factor into the decision to finance IT hardware.
  • “Apply this framework to establish a solid acquisition process”
    Every acquisition of technology brings some degree of business risk; being organized and prepared is the best way to control it. Learn the key elements to adequately assessing the risks involved, and discover why building a framework is the first step to take.
  • “When it comes to IT investment, CIOs need to take the helm”
    Hennigan explains that CIOs should couple a take-charge attitude with thoroughly analyzed IT investments to accomplish their major objectives.
  • “Targeted communication drives the budget process”
    Use these tips from Hennigan to create a smooth budgeting process by preparing thorough financial planning tailored to communicate specifically and effectively to each business unit or stakeholder involved.
  • “Follow this model for effective IT cost management”
    Hennigan provides a dual view method of cost analysis to allow CIOs to frame cost structures in terms of function and category.

To help you put the advice in these articles to work immediately, we’ve also included the following resource documents:

  • IT chart of accounts spreadsheet
  • Leasing term checklist
  • Checklist for mapping ROI values
  • IT cost center budget model spreadsheet
  • Template for technical acquisitions

About the author
Hennigan has spent more than 20 years in analytical, sales, financial, and IT roles. Most recently, he has been focused on helping IT organizations optimize their financial management. Prior to launching his consultancy, Technology Contract Solutions, he spent over a decade in senior management positions in the IT department at Liberty Mutual Group.