When I learned that CNET Networks sister site Builder.com was closing down at the beginning of July 2007, one of the first pieces of Builder.com content that fellow TechRepublic Senior Editor (and former Builder.com Senior Editor) Mark Kaelin and I said we wanted to retain for TechRepublic was the immensely popular CSS Reference Table.

So, I enlisted one of our longtime contributors, Tony Patton, to update this reference. Tony is more than qualified for the job — he’s not only an experienced developer, but he’s also a former Builder.com editor.

The latest version of the CSS Reference Table is now available for download. Also, be sure to check out another useful Builder.com resource that was moved to TechRepublic: the Color Code Converter.


UPDATE: Thursday, August 9th, TechRepublic experienced database issues. Any member who was logged in during that time will see an error message when they try to access this download. Those users will need to leave the site, delete their cookies (techrepublic.com and com.com, we believe), and return/relogin to the site and then try the download. I apologize for the inconvenience.