Members of your IT team are entitled to an annual performance review. And while daily feedback is important, your reports deserve an annual, formal review of their strengths, weaknesses, and an assessment of their contributions to your IT department and the organization. But finding the right formula for a review process can be difficult.

Download TechRepublic’s employee performance review overview and template as a guide.

The checklist includes an evaluation formula that ranks employees in five work-related areas. These areas include:

  • Communication: Does the employee convey ideas persuasively in a concise, organized, and professional manner?
  • Interaction: Does the employee maintain positive and constructive working relationships with peers and directors?
  • Productivity: Is the employee focused on producing results?
  • Job knowledge and skill: Does the employee possess and demonstrate the technical and procedural know-how to complete his or her responsibilities?
  • Quality concern: Does the employee place emphasis on solving problems properly and not just quickly?

Use TechRepublic’s employee review forms

Download our employee performance review checklist for the help you need to conduct formal, structured employee reviews. Download the forms now!

The template allows managers to grade an employee’s skill level in each area and average the scores to rank the employee’s contributions to the organization and to help determine the salary increase you can offer.

The download also contains an outline describing how to conduct a review session. Download the form now to receive our employee performance review checklist and information about how you can launch a well-designed review process.

Do you have a review strategy?

What strategies do you use during employee reviews to ensure that the process is both fair and equitable? Let us know by dropping us a line or starting a discussion below.