Most folks would agree that the key to having a rewarding career is to combine your interests with your skills. Dan Krautkramer, IS director for the Milwaukee Brewers’ Major League Baseball team, has done just that. An avid sports fan, Dan has always had a passion for technology. After a friend who worked for the Brewers tapped him to help with their ticketing system, the relationship seemed a perfect fit. Now, several years later, Dan finds himself at the center of a major shift in the use of technology for the Brewers’ new Miller Park stadium, slated to open this spring. In a recent interview, TechRepublic’s Steve Pittsley (a bona fide sports fan himself) talked to Dan about the ups and downs of his job.

Dan and his staff have put in a lot of 14-hour days getting ready for opening day—not surprising, given the size and scope of the stadium project. Fortunately, Dan thrives on such challenges and feels the new ballpark will more than exceed fans’ expectations. Not settling for a run-of-the-mill ballpark, the Brewers are investing millions of dollars in the new stadium and plan to use technology wherever possible to enhance the fan experience. From advanced stadium video to high-end ticketing systems, the Brewers are betting big that technology will help fans better connect with the game.

Dan started out as a ticketing systems consultant in the early ’90s and then used his technical knowledge to steadily earn larger responsibilities within the organization. He offers a unique perspective on what many would consider a dream job. Available as a free download, this interview will give you a sense of what it’s like to work for a professional sports organization.
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