Download TechRepublic's invoice-tracking spreadsheet

This Excel 2000 invoice-tracking spreadsheet will help you keep up with payments from clients, tally your income by quarter, and track tax payments.

If you work for several clients, keeping track of your invoices can become confusing. Has Client X paid the last invoice? What was the last invoice? When was it due, anyway? In addition, matching and adding up your check stubs with each 1099 at tax time can be a nightmare.

If any of this sounds familiar, download this Excel 2000 invoice-tracking spreadsheet to simplify your income tracking. It’s divided into the four IRS quarters, which from the first to the fourth quarter are three, two, three, and four months long. You can list all invoices for a client under that client’s name for each quarter and enter the invoice number, invoice amount, the date payment is due, and the date you received payment. The spreadsheet tallies your income by quarter and provides running year-to-date totals for each quarter.

It also helps you keep track of your tax payments by providing space for you to list your federal, state, and local estimated tax payments, as applicable, by quarter. This information is also tallied by the quarter and year-to-date.

Download the spreadsheet now.

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