What are the best online resources for CIOs and other technology executives? Of course, there’s TechRepublic. But where else can you find the information and resources you need to make decisions about products and solutions?

We’ve put together a downloadable list of 20 resources for technology managers. To create the list, we picked the online resources we use when researching articles for TechRepublic.

The download will provide you with the following information:

  • A link for leading IT research and analyst firms, including a brief description of the company and what you’ll find on their site.
  • A list of technology magazines, most of which provide sound business advice.
  • A few miscellaneous resources we’ve come to rely on, including places to find technology definitions, acronyms, and a portal for valuable online business sources.

This list isn’t meant to be conclusive. In fact, we plan to update it regularly as TechRepublic members submit their own resources for IT executives.
E-mail us your favorite online resources for IT executives and we’ll include it in updates of this list.