By now, you’ve probably experimented with the new Windows 2000 platform. You’ve probably discovered that it offers myriad improvements and enhancements.

Even before it was released, you heard that the next Windows NT generation software would deliver increased reliability, availability, and scalability. Now you’re discovering all the new and improved management features that reduce operating costs, including the much-heralded Active Directory.

What you may not know is how it really works or what you should expect when you implement Win2K enterprise-wide. What are the real-world hardware requirements for the new operating system? What changes will you need to make in your management, training, administration, and support operations?

These are questions we’ve worked to answer in our Windows 2000 white paper, which our editors have just updated. If you haven’t read it before, you’ll find pertinent information on Win2K’s revised hardware requirements, new features, utilities, costs, support implications, and much more.

If you read the document in the past, you’ll now find updated information on hardware, licensing, and pricing. We’ve added an entire new section on Windows 2000’s impact on IT trainers and Microsoft’s IT certification program. In addition, we’ve included even more resources, as well as links to timely Windows 2000 Gartner Research reports, which you can access for free on TechRepublic’s site.

Don’t delay. Download our updated Windows 2000 white paper.
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