Download the 10 commandments for building the ideal IT infrastructure

Is your IT infrastructure built for success? After studying over 200 Fortune 500 companies, this consultant shares 10 guidelines for doing it right.

As CIO, your role is to define an IT organization that not only supports your company’s strategic goals but also nurtures individuals to achieve exceptional productivity and job satisfaction—a challenge, to be sure. With so much to be done—cultivating relationships inside and outside the enterprise, aligning IT with business goals, and building a competitive advantage, just to name a few—it can be difficult to know where to begin.

Change Tech Solutions, Inc., under the umbrella of the Harris Kern Enterprise Computing Institute, is a consortium of leading industry experts responsible for the design and implementation of world-class IT organizations. They are dedicated to teaching strategies for improving the IT industry through the management of organization, people, process, and technology issues. Change Tech Solutions, Inc. has developed a white paper that outlines the 10 “commandments” of building the ideal IT organization. That white paper is free to TechRepublic members. You can download it here. Among the commandments detailed are:

Thou shall organize to focus on mission-critical systems
Many organizations make the mistake of focusing on a particular technology. The secret behind an effective organizational structure is to focus on mission-critical systems. In fact, the download recommends that you split your infrastructure into two parts, mission-critical and not mission-critical. You and your customers will make the distinction between the two.

Thou shall partner and align IT with the business
IT/business alignment can only be achieved by establishing working relationships at individual and group levels with all business partners. Toward this end, the download suggests developing a matrix organization that can react both functionally and geographically to business imperatives. Within this matrix, you name a systems manager who can represent IT to the business unit and the business unit to IT. The matrix should contain shared services (database, system, and network administration) and personal productivity services (help desk, first- and second-level support, training, and desktop development).

Thou shall focus on the customer
The download emphasizes the key elements for providing good customer service:
  • Identify your key customers.
  • Identify key services of key customers.
  • Identify key processes that support key services.
  • Communicate with customers often via a process.

It’s important to promote effective communication practices for deploying, implementing, and supporting mission-critical, client-server distributed systems.

The paper continues to provide other valuable input on IT codes of conduct necessary to build a robust and flexible IT infrastructure. Download it now.

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