Trainers have a lot of ground to cover before, during, and after class. It’s a big job to master the technical and training skills necessary to conduct a good class.

Bruce Maples, IT trainer and TechRepublic columnist, knows what it’s like to juggle all these responsibilities. He teaches, writes, keeps up with the industry, and squeezes in time for church and family activities. Bruce is in a great position to help trainers cope with these and other demands that trainers face, and his writing style pulls you in and keeps your attention until you’ve finished the article.

In his articles for TechRepublic, Bruce has covered everything from how to find and use a training broker to how to handle disruptive students. His most popular Head of the Class columns are the ones that offer specific advice on how to handle the demands of the classroom.

All Bruce, all the time
In our download, we have collected 10 of Bruce’s columns that cover everything from how to improve your speaking skills to how to be patient when that student in the back row has interrupted you for the fourth time. These are the skills and situations that the columns in this compilation address:

  • Managing a classroom
  • Improving your verbal delivery
  • Developing personal radar
  • Working with a variety of learning styles
  • Adjusting to students’ needs
  • Using questions effectively
  • Being patient
  • Teaching when you don’t feel like it
  • Avoiding bad habits
  • Getting the most out of evaluations

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What is your favorite piece of advice from Bruce? How has he helped you in your job? What would you like him to write about? Write to Bruce with your comments and suggestions.