Download the Builder Apache QuickStart Tool

The Builder Apache QuickStart Tool gives you the information you need to quickly grasp the fundamentals of one of today's most important technologies.

Getting a good start in any new technology or programming language often depends on finding the best available information. To quickly grasp the fundamentals of one of today's most important technologies—Apache—download our free Builder Apache QuickStart Tool.

This tool explains the basics of Apache, a widely popular open source, standards-based Web server that runs on the Linux, UNIX, Mac OS X, Novell Netware, and Windows operating systems, among others. The Builder Apache QuickStart PDF also shows you common tasks, exposes strengths and weaknesses, demonstrates the best uses of the technology, and lists a variety of online and offline resources that can help you build a solid foundation of practical knowledge about Apache.


One of Apache's strengths is that it is very well supported by the open source user community. Most problems related to Apache have been documented and solved. Fortunately, users frequently share their knowledge and troubleshooting tips with the open source community.

Other applications, primarily open source ones, have been tailored to make use of Apache's Web-serving capabilities. For Web sites that are not driven by a database, Apache is an excellent choice because the startup costs are extremely low and support is easy to come by.

Many Web hosting companies offer Apache hosting plans starting at just a few dollars per month, but you can quickly get your own Apache Web server up and running and host it on your DMZ (just make sure you have enough upstream bandwidth).


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