Who isn’t excited to receive a computer upgrade? Just the thought of a new machine boasting innovative features, a more contemporary design, and longer battery life–not to mention faster computation speeds–is enough to make the most curmudgeonly tech professional smile.

Of course, receiving a computer is one thing, successful migration is another. When a new computer doesn’t possess the same functionality, connectivity, applications, and files as before, a new computer may seem more like a punishment than a present.

This is where a PC and Mac migration checklist can help. TechRepublic Premium author Erik Eckel created the ultimate PC and Mac migration checklist to ensure users receiving new computers experience a positive outcome. 

Using a simple checklist when deploying new computers, can make certain that critical migration steps are not overlooked. Whether migrating Windows machines, from one Mac to another, or even between platforms, leveraging a checklist helps both users and technicians ensure the new system works as required, Eckel explained.

The ultimate PC and Mac migration checklist is available as a download for TechRepublic Premium subscribers or for individual purchase for $99, and it includes the actual checklist as well as an article explaining why this matters and who should do it. 

Download the Ultimate PC and Mac Migration Checklist.

Image: Getty Images/iStockphoto