When it’s time to train a new employee, managers can’t afford to waste time rearranging entire work schedules to fit in training hours. Download these TechRepublic forms to streamline the training process.

The download includes two forms: one to help determine training specifications and one to use to assess the training plan after it is completed. The download also includes examples of how the forms may be used.

Training outline form
The first document is a training outline. Use this form to set up the exact specifications of a particular training task. The form’s categories include:

  • The nature of the task.
  • The elements required of a trainee to complete the task.
  • Information on people to contact for follow-up training or questions.

The form communicates to the trainee exactly what is expected of the trainee and what the trainee can expect from the trainer.

Assessment form
After a training session, it’s important to assess what the trainee has learned and whether he or she is proficient at the particular task. The second document is an assessment form that should be filled out after a training session is completed.

IT managers can use the second document to determine if the trainee has successfully learned the task or if the trainee needs more training.

If more training is needed, the second form can indicate the areas where the trainee needs help and document the steps that are being taken to ensure that follow-up training occurs.

Download the training forms today!

To download the forms and for more information on how to use them, download the Training assessment templates.