If you’re an internal trainer or have a long-term contract to provide training to a company or group of people, a learning style assessment will come in handy.

This tool analyzes how people process and retain information. By taking assessment tests, a student can determine how he or she learns best: by reading, listening, doing, or a combination of several methods. If a person is aware of this tendency, she will know what kinds of training to attend. Also, by having this information, an individual who is not benefiting from a current class he is attending will know how to supplement the class work with other forms of training not included in the class.

Knowing the learning styles of your students can help you organize your classes and tailor your presentation as well. If you’ve got all the verbal learners together, you can go heavy on the lecture. If you’re working with a group of visual learners, you can go easy on the lecture and load up the presentation with charts, diagrams, and whiteboard demonstrations.

Conducting a learning style assessment could provide a valuable boost to your training program. Internal IT trainer Linda Stephens said that the learning style assessment that her training department offers is one of the most popular classes among employees.

If you’re looking for some basic information on learning styles, tests for your students to take online or offline, or handouts to enhance an existing session on learning styles, this download covers all those bases.

Click here to download this list of learning style assessments.
How do you encourage students to take responsibility for their education and make the most of training? Do you use learning style tests? Share your experiences with us and drop us a note.