CIO Republic is always striving to provide resources tech leaders can use in planning company strategy and keeping up to date on IT career trends. We’ve recently added three downloads that IT executives will find helpful in investigating salary trends, sorting through IM vendors, and creating a wireless policy.

  • “2002 Information Technology Compensation Study”
    The past year showed a rare decline in benchmark salaries for top IT performers, according to a survey by Janco Associates, Inc. Bonuses were down for the most senior positions, but some tech jobs—such as disaster recovery coordinators and security specialists—saw increases in compensation. Find out how salaries for you and your IT staff compare to the averages by downloading Janco’s IT salary survey.
  • “Get your IM services here”
    Instant messaging has become more than just a means for friends to chat. It’s “going corporate” so fast that analysts predict businesses will support 181 million IM users by 2004—and spend $1.1 billion on this form of messaging by 2005. Vendors are chasing those dollars by offering a wide range of corporate IM services, often as a part of a larger overall collaboration system. As many CIOs are making critical decisions about how to implement the technology and considering using an external vendor, learning about the different services is vital—but can be a time-consuming process. To make the search easy and efficient, TechRepublic offers a downloadable, comprehensive list of IM services to help you find the best technology for your company.
  • A wireless policy template
    As just 15 percent of CIO Republic members report that they’ve put a wireless policy in place, and only another 8 percent are working on one, it’s obvious that creating a wireless policy is an issue facing tech leaders. With more and more enterprises doling out wireless devices—from cell phones to PDAs—it’s critical that tech leaders make sure users are aware of the do’s and don’ts and that their companies establish proper-use policies. Download this TechRepublic wireless policy template to get a jump start on creating that all-important wireless policy to protect the enterprise.

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