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Download these resources to standardize job interview questions

Interviewing job candidates is time-consuming, but the process is critical to making the right hire. Download this form and list of interview questions in order to streamline the process and ensure that the interview is fair and equitable.

IT support managers who interview a number of candidates for the same position should take precautions to ask equivalent questions of each prospective hire.

The resources in our interview questions form and collection of potential interview questions download can help you track and score candidate responses and customize your own list of interview questions.

Questions, questions, so many questions
Managers have as much at stake during the hiring process as job candidates. Asking the right questions of a candidate is critical to making a successful hire.

This download is based on responses from TechRepublic members who contributed many of the questions they have been asked during job interviews.

We’ve broken the questions down into five categories:
  • Preparation questions such as “What do you know about our organization and what we do?”
  • Behavioral questions such as “What is the most difficult IT problem you ever faced, and how did you handle it?”
  • Problem-solving questions such as “How you would instruct someone to tie his or her shoes?” This question is designed to help you assess how well a help desk candidate is able to communicate over the phone.
  • Big picture questions that drill down into the candidates’ career and expectations.
  • Off-the-wall questions that you should avoid.

With this blend of questions, you can get a good idea where a candidate has come from and where they want to go, how their thought processes work, and how systematic they function.

Form a conclusion with our form
Once you’ve figured out what you want to ask your job candidates, you need a way to keep track of them, rate their answers for comparison, and remember what you promised them in salary or response time.

The interview questions form can help you accomplish the task. Fill in the form for each candidate to track contact information, rate responses to questions, record qualifications, and keep notes on the interview.

The real functionality of the form comes from standardizing the questions for every candidate, along with the ability to immediately rate their answers to the questions. After you’ve interviewed the candidates, you should have plenty of information on each to make a reasonable selection of the best candidate for the job.

Don’t delay!
Download our interview questions form and collection of potential interview questions and make your interview process simpler and more productive.


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